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Public Interest Design Student Leadership Forum

2020 Design Futures at the Washington University in St. Louis!

Join us May 18-22, 2020 for 5 days of workshops, field trips, and meeting current and future peers and colleagues!

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"Meaningful architecture must be a poetic expression of social justice."

— Gregory Henriquez

What are students saying?

“I really appreciated the workshop-format of the sessions. That format really seemed to tap the collective wisdom in the room and create an adaptive learning environment.”

“The size of the conference allowed great exposure to professionals and other attendees. The small scale made the conference more personable and therefore more productive than other conferences I have attended in the past.”

a forum for student leaders hoping to use design as a tool for social equity and positive change


Join us and help build up the Public Interest Design network.


Join us and meet like-minded student peers from around the world.


Join us and learn from leaders in the Public Interest Design field.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders

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